“Becoming an effective helper”

Before I joined this counselling Training, I had thought that I was already providing a great counselling to the people in my church as a Pastor. I had a solution to every question and had advice to all the problems. I thought counselling was just to speak and give my views of what I know or what I want to say, not realizing whether people need my views or not.

But this training made me realize, counselling is actually not just to speak, but to listen to others and to understand what they say and to understand what that really mean to them.

Through the skill of empathy, I now able to understand more about people; this has helped me a great deal in my ministry. After this training I have been effective in helping others grow spiritually as well. I also have realized, that I myself have matured more. More to this, this training has been more a humbling experience for me.

At the end I wish and pray that this training would reach into each church in Nepal, and all the pastors and church leaders learn the skills and able to help the people in church to overcome and to endure their problem in right method.  Also I want emphasize, that using the right skills will save many lives.