I am a changed man!!!!

I am 30 years old and am, an active member in a church in Eastern Part of Nepal. Before I took this Pastoral Care Training from ECTC,   I understood people’s problems, as in their marriages, their negativity, mental illness, addictions are caused due to people’s own weakness. I also thought, addictions are those that only involves substances such as alcohol or drugs.

In the training, I realised that these problems may caused without anyone’s fault and mental health is an illness not a weakness. When I learned, that addictions involves other things such as food, internet, gadgets….. it made me aware of my own unhealthy behaviour .

Through the training, I realised, how mankind are vulnerable to such earthly sufferings. And also realised, how the great people in the bible also went through such sufferings, and how God compassionately comforted them.  This training has changed my judgmental attitude into more humbleness, and I vow that I will never judge anyone anymore, when people share their problems with me.

After this training I am a changed man!!!