Diploma for Pastoral Healing Ministry (DPHM)

Diploma for Pastoral Healing Ministry (DPHM) is a course developed for learning how to comfort the sick and suffering. This is a professional course for pastors, church leaders and clinical pastoral carers who wants to develop her/himself as a professional Counsellor.This course includes 8 modules in 6 weeks of intensive theoretical and practical sessions. The course is spread over 2 and half years of time covering 3 modules in a year. Each participants has to complete each module successfully in order to get the certificate.  The completion of all 10 units leads to a Diploma with accreditation in India.This course is organised in Partnership with Tansen Mission Hospital, UMN, therefore the classes are be conducted in Tansen Mission Hospital, Tansen.Time frame: 8 units of 6 weeks’ duration (each dealing with a specific topic)Course Fees: NRP 15,000/- per module