Basic Pastoral Care Training

Basic Pastoral Care Training is a course developed for learning basic skills to support people with physical, emotional or mental problems.
This Training is divided into four unit each of five days. This training is best organised by Churches who want to start or strengthen their own pastoral care and counselling teams.
However, this training is also organised in ECTC’s office where anyone who is involved or willing to get involved in Pastoral Care in any ministry or institution can participate.

Time frame: four units of one week’s duration

Course fees: NRP 1000/- (Church based with 10-15 participants)

NRP 2000/- (Individuals participating in ECTC’s office)


Communication Skills Training

This is a training developed specially for health professionals to improve their communication skills with their clients/patients in Hospital settings. This includes practical communication sessions with patients, therefore is best organised by Hospitals.
However, this training is also organised in ECTC’s office once a year, where ECTC will help to organise practical communication sessions with patients.

Time Frame: 3 days

Course Fees: NRP 2000/- (individual)


Short Courses in Specific Topics

ECTC has developed Short Courses on Specific Topics, to improve professional skills and gain practical knowledge in the area of Psychology, Pastoral Care and Counselling.
These Courses can be tailored to meet the needs of requesting churches, hospitals or organisations.
Topics available are:

  • Stress and Burn Outs
  • Conflict Management
  • Family Counselling
  • Abuse / Neglect in Children
  • Mental Health
  • Self-Care for Counsellors
  • Faith Development
  • Client Centred Therapy

Time frame: 2-3 days

Course Fees : NRP 2000 /-  to  3000/-


Supervision Training

Counsellors often feel overwhelmed by the problems they hear and not always equipped to help their clients as much as they would like. Counselling Supervision supports counsellors emotionally, enables them to develop their skills and understanding and equips them to work ethically, professionally and effectively.
Since Counselling Supervision is a new area developing in Counselling Field in Nepal,  this course answers the following questions;

  • What is supervision?
  • Why is it so important?
  • How can I access it in Nepal?
  • How does it work in peer groups?
  • How could I become a supervisor?

Time frame : 2 days                        

Course Fees : NRP 600/- (Individual)


Diploma for Pastoral Healing Ministry (DPHM)

Diploma for Pastoral Healing Ministry is a course developed for learning how to comfort the sick and emotionally suffering. This is a professional course for pastors, church leaders and clinical pastoral carers in hospitals.
This course includes 8 modules in 6 weeks of intensive theoretical and practical sessions. The course is spread over 2 and half years of time covering 3 modules in a year. Each participants has to complete each module successfully in order to get the certificate.  The completion of all 10 units leads to a Diploma with accreditation in India.
This course is organised in Partnership with Tansen Mission Hospital, UMN, therefore the classes are run in Tansen.

Time frame: 8 units of 6 weeks’ duration (each dealing with a specific topic)

Course Fees: NRP 15,000/- per module


Basic Trauma Counselling Training

Basic Trauma Counselling Training is a newly developed course, to learn basic listening skills and a way to help people affected by traumatic events. This course was initially developed and intensely focused on the earthquake relief workers, nevertheless this course is equally useful for anyone involved in helping people with Post Traumatic Distress.

Time frame: 2 days

Course Fees: NRP 2000/- (individual) Course fee varies according to the need.