Psychological Support Program in Kavre and Sindhupalchowk

A project called ‘Psychological Support Program’ is run in Sindhupalchowk and Kavrepalanchowk District. The project was initiated right after 2015 Earthquake, to provide psychological support to the survivors of Devastating Earthquake and run for 2 years. After completion of the project, ECTC extended the project to different communities of 10 Gaupalika, located in Sindhupalchowk and Kavrepalanchowk  District.

 Sindhupalchowk, was considered as one of the most devastated district of all during the Mega earthquake; The number of death was reported as the highest of all counting 3057 deaths and more than 3000 people missing and 109,000 survivor affected according to Ministry of Home Affairs. Because of the landscape and life standard of the people, the affected population still find hard to build their lives again, and are still not able return back to their sound psychological state.

On the other hand Kavrepalanchowk is another district with 288 reported deaths, with more than 30,000 people affected during the earthquake. Although, the district rated down amongst the most affected district in terms of casualties and death however, the district is left-out in terms of psychological support provided after earthquake.

Therefore, ECTC has extended a psychological support programme in 10 most affected communities in these two district. This is 3 years projects, includes 4 steps of interventions. 

  1. Conducting Trauma training for Community leaders
  2. Formation of Psychological support group and to equip them.
  3. Mobilize the Psychological support to find out, cases with earthquake related trauma and PTSD and organize referals
  4. Help to establish a help desk in the community called ‘Mental health information desk’. The group will initiate to establish desk through local resources and through co-ordination with local NGO and Administration.