Earthquake Aftercare

After a successful completion of 2 years Earthquake After Care project, ECTC extended it into Community-based psychological support project in Kavre and Sindhupalchowk District. The extended project, is now implemented in different communities of 10 Gaupalika, located in these 2 Districts.

 Sindhupalchowk District, being one of the most devastated district during Mega Earthquake, counted 3057, the highest number of deaths, more than 3000 people missing and 109,000 survivors affected. At the same time, Kavre District, reported 288 deaths and 30,000 people affected by the earthquake…….. are left-out in terms of receing any kind of  psychological support.

The population still suffers the loss and find hard to rebuild their lives; as a result, people are still experiencing the distresses, and without any help or support more and other forms of psychological issues associated with earthquake trauma, such as Suicides are emerging. The project aims to provide psychological support to the people who are still suffering one or other form of psychological issues related to Earthquake Trauma.

The project interventions are distributed into 4 phase; The first 2 phases are complete. Now in the 3rd phase, 26 trained Volunteers ‘Psychological Caregivers’, will reach out to house hold to ensure, each trauma cases are identified and psychological support given and referrals are assisted for their healing. Caregivers will be equipped with more Trainings, and though working along with ECTC’s staff in creating awareness on Trauma and Mental Health.      

In the last phase, the project will be handed over to the local community, who will sustain the Psychological support work through their local resources in support of local Social Organization.