Strengthening Churches in Provision of PC and Counselling

Another focus of ECTC is to equip churches to deliver person centered companionate care to its members and its neighbors. This is a real need of Nepali churches right now. Often Pastoral Care and Counselling in churches is understood as having a standard solution for standard problem ie to provide right verse from the bible for a given problem. But understanding people’s problems through listening and providing problem centered, compassionate care are often lacking. In the other hand, Counselling in Churches are usually given by unskillful untrained person, which is rather harmful at times.
Therefore, ECTC runs 1 month, church based training programs of 4 consecutive units, enables the participants to learn the basics of counselling and enhance the skills to support people with physical, emotional, mental and relationship problems.
After completion of the training program, ECTC mentors the Church counsellors, in dealing with issues that they find difficult and help to find and arrange referrals. ECTC is also conducting Church based ‘Interpersonal Conflict handling and Mediation’ Training from Year 2017, to uphold peace in Church and through church.