Equipping Churches in Pastoral Care and Counselling

ECTC is Equipping Churches in the provision of qualitative person centered Pastoral Care and Counselling since 2009, and became the first organization in Nepal to provide such training. The training aims to fulfill individual’s gap of understanding, skills and inspiration to appropriately support people who are suffering in the church and society as a whole. 

Often Pastoral Care and Counselling in churches is understood as having a standard solution for standard problem ie to provide right verse from the bible for a given problem. But understanding people’s problems through listening and providing person centered compassionate care are lacking. Therefore, through a ‘1 month Course’, ECTC enables the Churches to learn the basics of Counselling and enhance skills to support people with physical, emotional and mental problems.

Throughout the course, the participants are also allowed to peek through their own issues and work on their own emotions mostly grief, fear, deep hurts, trauma and so often receive healing or freedom from their deep burdens.

After completion of the course, it is expected that a Pastoral Care or Counselling Team is formed within a church; who then will be mentored over 1-2 years’ time for issues that are more difficult to handle…. the Church shall Train and mentor other churches in the area.