Psycho-social Counselling and Supervision

ECTC is one of the first organization to introduce Pastoral Care Training in Nepal, and started providing Centre based Pastoral Care in 2009. The aim was to provide qualitative Pastoral Care to people with deeper emotional hurts. From, then onwards ECTC now has grown to delivering professional Psychosocial Counselling Services to anyone who needs counselling support to foster emotional, spiritual and psychological healing.

Counselling service are delivered 2 Qualified Counsellors with Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, and 3 other Trained and certified Counsellors, using Person Centered approach and   also some other therapeutic techniques taken from other approaches; and includes individual Counselling, Family Counselling and Group therapies.  

ECTC provides Counselling services to any one with emotional, spiritual and psychological issues, however holds following expertise of handling/Counselling in:

  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Grievances and Loss
  • Sexual abuse
  • Issues related to Childhood abuse
  • Traumatic Distress and Trauma related problems
  • Chronic Physical Illness
  • Relationship problems
  • Adolescent problems
  • Profession related issues.
  • Spiritual issues
  • Interpersonal Conflicts
  • Psychological support to Carer’s group of people with severe Mental Illness such as Schizophrenia
  • Psychological support to people recovering severe Mental illness such as Schizophrenia

ECTC also provides Counselling services to foreigners, through 1 expat Volunteer who is a qualified and licensed Counsellor from UK.