Diploma in Pastoral Healing Ministry

DPHM is 1 year diploma course run by ECTC, to add the provision of high quality client-centered counselling in Nepal’s hospitals and Churches. It is intended to achieve the high quality training through interactive teaching, good material and a high percentage of practical training components.
The DPHM is run in 10 modules of 6 weeks duration each, spreaded over 4 years of time . The strengths of this course are it’s high practical content and high reflection content.

At the end of the course students will have had an average of more than 1000 real patient conversations, which enables them to deliver a high quality pastoral care and Counseling once they finish the course. Through reflections, self-observation and learning, the course help students to mature as a person.
The course will complete with the 2nd batch in 2019 and next enrollment for 3rd batch will be after July 2019 . An accreditation of the course to Sherampur University, India is anticipated for the next batch.