Equipping Counselors

One of main aim of ECTC is to increase the availability of qualitative Counselling, through Equipping Counsellors through trainings and Supervision.

ECTC runs 15 days, skills based Training on Basic Counselling. This is designed for anyone who are new to counselling field. The aim is to give the participant basic knowledge but more skills to the learners. The aim is also to meet the gap of people who had went to academic diploma courses but do have not gained any skills to use it. The contents are practical and are adopted of immediate application.

Another training programs, called Short Courses on specific topics, helps the Counsellors to grow professionally. This kind of r trainings and seminars, on different Counselling related topics equips the Counsellor to have knowledge and gain proficiency in handling specific problems. The topics are choose in a demand or request basis and is organized by linking with experts in and out of country. So far, ECTC has organized seminars/trainings on topics like Family Counselling, Interpersonal Conflict Handling, Self-Care for Counsellors, Adolescent Counselling, Group therapies, Effects of Child neglect in their psychology, Dance and Movement therapy.

Other, short Courses that ECTC provides regularly are in Topics like:

  1. Psychological Trauma Training
  2. Communication Skills for Health Professionals
  3. Church based Interpersonal Conflict and Mediation.

Counselling Supervision seen as a new concept in Nepal, is initiated in ECTC by Jenny Sounders a UK expertise. The aim is to enable the counsellors to enhance their skills and understanding and also to equip them to work ethically, professionally and effectively. Counsellors often feels overwhelmed by the problem they hear from the clients, therefore Counselling supervision also supports counsellors emotionally and professionally.

ECTC is weaving a link of Counsellors, to form a supervision network where the Counselors supports each other through peer supervision. Currently 14 counsellor are in supervision Network. Through Jenny, ECTC is also developing Nepali Counsellors as Supervisors in Nepal.