ECTC is committed to high quality Trainings in order to develop and strengthen Human Resourse in the field of Psyco-social Counselling.  The Training Curriculums are designed in such way, that courses become ethical, useful, and applicable. A careful study and contextualization work are done before these trainings are introduced.  

Trainings of ECTC Includes:

  1. Basic Counselling Skills Training, Open for All: This is 15 days training, divided into 4 consecutive Units (3-4 day each), is run over a year. One from any background/profession, who are interested to learn about basics of Counselling and to enhance their Counselling Skills can participate in the Training. The curriculum includes:
  • Basics to Advanced Listening Skills
  • Basics of Counselling Skills
  • Empathy and Empathy Skills
  • Human Developmental Stages
  • Premarital and Marital Counselling
  • Forgiveness
  • Grief and Loss
  • Genealogy and its connection with our emotions
  • Human Personality, ‘Enneagram’
  • Mental Health
  1. Short Courses: These are 2-3 days’ Courses on specific problem topic related to Counselling, and help professionals especially Counsellors, gain proficiency in handling specific issues.

ECTC has developed its own curriculum on below mentioned topics and run training on demand or request basis.

  • Psychological Trauma and First Aid: 2-3 days Course for relief workers
  • Communication Skills for Health Professionals : 3 days Course for Hospital staff, to understand patients emotions through treatment and learn to respond
  • Suicidal Prevention Training: 2 days Training for All
  • Interpersonal Conflict and Mediation Skills: 2 days training for Administrators, HR Managers and Community Leaders

ECTC also bring experts from within and out of Nepal, to organize such short courses; In this FY 2018/19, ECTC will organize trainings in following topics, by pooling Experts from abroad.

  • Counselling, Sexually Abused: 3 days’ training during October, for Counsellors
  • ‘Rapha Model’, A counselling Technique addressing ‘Sexuality’ : 6 days’ Training during May, for Christian Counsellors and Ministers working with Couples
  • Family Counselling: 2 Days’ Training during March, for Counsellors and those involved in Family ministry