Awareness and School Programs

In Nepal seeking help with the Mental health issues is a unthinkable, likewise coming for counselling services is a commonly acceptable thing. Because of the stigma associated with emotional or mental uneasiness; people are reluctant to speak about their problem and to seek help until a severe health or behavior problem or other loss is surfaced.

Therefore, ECTC’s awareness programs, help people to understand that it is ok to feel mental and emotional distresses, and if these distresses becomes ailments what are the signs, what are the concerns if not dealt with it, and where can they go which is safe and less costly if they need help. These, Awareness are done through, radio broadcast, through info sessions, distribution of awareness materials and short presentation.

ECTC also advocates the need and importance of Counselling for the success of Mental Health program of the Government, through Networks, Meetings and making presentations on various occasions.

The School Programs are introduced from 2017 July, focusing on children and adolescent to be more are about their psychology and emotions and empower them through teaching them creative methods to express themselves.

The school program also includes 2 more programs

  • Awareness on mental health and suicidal prevention
  • International Child development Program for Teachers and Carer’s groups