September Prayer Letter

Praise Reports:

  1. Praise be to our God for He has helped us to celebrate the 8th General Assembly on 27th August, 2017.
  2. Praise be to our God for He has helped us to celebrate the 8th General Assembly on 27th August, 2017.
  3. The meeting with government on 20th of August went well so thank you for your prayer.
  4. We are able to start a Veritas training for ECTC staff, so thank you for your prayer.
  5. After a long process on the project, extension of “Community based program” at Kavre was improved by the government.
  6. ECTC is very blessed to have two new staff this year, Mr. Rochak and Barnabas.
  7. God has been so faithful throughout this year 2073
  8. Our last Diploma Module with the topic “Personality Development” went well so thank you for your prayer.
  9. Irmgard has safely arrived in her home town Germany, so thank you for your prayer.
  10. Praise God that sister Jenny’s masters dissertation is almost complete.

Prayer Needs:

  1. Irmgard has gone to Germany for her home assignment from 12th August until February 2018. Let us remember her plans in our prayer.
  2. Renewal of agreement between ECTC and government of Lalitpur and Sindupalchok is still in the process, so please do pray that the work shall be done on time.
  3. Let us unite and kneel down and pray for the Nepali people of Terai who have suffered severe flooding and landslides in different areas.
  4. The pastoral care course II which was planned to organized on 11th -15th of September in Itihari is currently proceeding. Please pray.
    Let us pray for the country Nepal, as Dr. Irmgard mentioned in her prayer letter that after 12 years of religious freedom in Nepal, the parliament passed a new law proposal which legalizes up to 5 years imprisonment for “hurting of religious sentiments and conversion” which is about to be signed by our president.
  5. The pastoral care course II will be held at Kanchanpur on 25th-29th of September, so please do pray for its preparation.
  6. So many Nepalis need counselling but hold back from coming to ECTC. Please do pray that the Lord will remove these barriers so that they get the help they desperately need.
  7. Sister Jenny has asked to pray for her research she starts next month will open doors into health organization in Kathmandu so that ECTC can support them.
  8. Sister Bimala has asked to pray for her Masters second year exam and thesis writing.

Six Months Experience at ECTC

By: Barnabas Baraily

On my first day when I came to ectc, I remember sister Bimala welcoming me with her big smile. At the beginning I definitely had to get used to new ideas of working in an office environment with all the staff sitting in one room!. However, after a while I got used to it and felt comfortable.

                The colleagues that I am working with are very nice and helpful. They are from different backgrounds and have different specialties, but some of them are also theological students like me. This is very useful because this way we can learn and share knowledge with each other.

                The tasks and project that I am assigned to is very interesting. At the beginning, I noticed that seemed so complicated, but I soon got immersed in it. 

In the month of April 2017, the Pastoral Care Training Department has asked me to attain the “Conflict Management Training” at ECEC for two days. The training permitted me to know how to handle a conflict and enable me to explain the positive attitude and behavior that should be followed in the workplace, home, church and etc.

Working in ECTC has been not only an honor and privilege but a lifelong experience that will forever shape my professional life. The works fits my education and I am looking forward to learning a lot in the future. I am very appreciative of this opportunity and forever grateful to ECTC. Thank You

For more details please download the attached file….September-prayer-letter.pdf