ECTC’s program is dearly to me


My name is Sushila (name changed), and live in Kadambas VDC, in Sindhupalchowk District. I recently commit myself to Volunteer as psychological Caregiver, to ECTC’s program. ECTC’s program is so dearly to me because, I myself have recovered from pain that Earthquake had caused to me….. Which left me into constant feeling of distresses, loneliness and grief, even 3 years after Earthquake had happened.  I lost my sister and mother in the Earthquake. It was very terrifying experience, not only to lose my closed ones but, losing our animals and properties. The 2 children of my sister had no one beside me to look after. That was a very stressful times for me; slowly inner distress and anger took over me and I wished I could have died with them. I spent 3 years feeling lonely, isolated and without energy. I felt guilty, of not taking enough care of those two children, along with mine.

When, I heard about the trauma training, I knew it was something related to earthquake, but thought it was about some support of building our house or some materials. However, when I took the trauma training, every session of teaching I felt, as if it relates with me. I even get an alone time to talk to the counsellors of ECTC about my grief and how I was psychologically struggling; and they helped me in my healing process; they even followed up with me through telephone when they were office, in Kathmandu.

Through the training, I realized where I was in my grief cycle and it also teach me how to recognize children’s feeling and how can we support them emotionally. By making me aware, the trauma training strengthened me and now I am able to spent more time with the children, and able to help my sister’s children’s who then I realized were in Trauma themselves.

Now, I have adopted two more children, from a relatives whose mother died in Earthquake, and now I feel I am emotionally and physically strong enough to give these children (both mine and my loved ones) what they need.

The 5 days, Counselling skills have given me more confidence that I would be able to help many people who were going through the same pain as I was. I think my work starts from my own home; I will even encourage my women group to listen to other people who are in difficult situation, and even like to teach them what I have learned from ECTC.