An Eye Opening Experience!!!!

My name is Susan. I am a retired nurse.

Few weeks ago, I got an opportunity to take 1 week Basic Counselling Course from ECTC. The course was really an eye opening experience for me !!! In this training I learned things about, how listening helps to find out people’s deeper problems and how we can help people in the process of healing. In my 40 years of nursing career, I had taken care of hundreds of sick people who suffered from different illness and condition. Some were dying people. While taking care of them, many times I might have seen my patient as merely a physical being. But from this training, I understood that people are more than just a physical being, and their psychological and emotional being are equally important.

I think if I could have got a change to take this training earlier, I could have seen my patients with different side and could have helped them not just in physical but also in their emotional healing process. I could have listened to their deeper pain than just their physical pain and could have help them in holistic cure. But I am retired now, I regret that I could not get this kind of training earlier.

However after my retirement, I am involved in my church and several small church groups in counselling about health related issues. I believe that this training has equipped me for this little ministry and now I will be able to help people to go through a deeper healing than just a physical cure.