EC demands 195 judicial staffers for elections

Sep 11, 2017-The Election Commission (EC) on Sunday asked Chief Justice Gopal Parajuli to arrange for 195 district judges and officers from the judicial service to work as chief election officers and election officers in the provincial and federal elections.

In a meeting with the chief justice at the Supreme Court on Sunday, EC officials urged Parajuli to depute 87 judges and 108 officers from the judicial service for the elections scheduled for November 26 and December 7.

The CJ told Chief Election Commissioner Ayodhee Prasad Yadav that the request would be granted, the EC said in a statement.

6 MW electricity to be purchased from sugar mills

The sugar mills generate power by utilising ‘bagasse’ (cane pulp). This way there would be optimum utilisation of industrial wastages.

An agreement to this effect was signed between the government and representatives from Indu Shankar Sugar Mill and Everest Sugar Mill amid a programme organised at Department of Electricity Development on Monday.

Department’s Director General Nabinraj Singh signed the agreement from the government side which is on a contract basis. Government will buy three megawatts of electricity from each sugar mill.

The government had unveiled Energy Emergency Action Plan in 2016, according to which it would do resource mapping and would link the identified resources of energy with the national transmission lines.

The Action-Plan is aimed at tiding over the power crisis in the country during the dry season.

Department’s Director General Singh shared the two sugar mills from where the government would purchase electricity were being operated in Gaushala in Mahottari and Hariban in Sarlahi.

Everest Sugar Mill will provide electricity to the Aurahi Sub Station some 12 kilo metres away from the mill while Indu Shankar will provide to Haripur Sub Station stationed some 15 kilo metres from the mill. RSS

80-year-old candidate to stand for downtrodden

She is also a Nepali Congress member, who had marched alongside the leaders like Ganeshman Singh, Krishna Prasad Bhattarai and Girija Prasad Koirala in different democratic movements.

Recognising her contributions and hard works, the NC has named her the deputy mayoral candidate of Birgunj Metropolitan City in the upcoming local elections.

Karki is possibly the oldest candidate vying in the local polls, but certainly not the inexperienced one. The works she has done to empower and educate Dalits, single women and poor children of Birgunj speak volumes of just what she can achieve, how formidable an opponent she might prove to other candidates come the day of election on September 18.

These days, Karki is busy attending election rallies and visiting the voters at their homes. Campaigning for election for her is not that hard of a work. She has spent all her life with people, working for the grassroots rights.

“As a party worker, I have never asked anyone for power or position. I did not ask for the party ticket to run in this election. The party chose me,” she said.

Karki, who never married, had served 10 years in prison at different times for her involvement in the NC. During the Panchayat regime, when the NC was an underground political party, she and other party functionaries used to escort senior leaders to and from India and organise protests.

She is a seasoned freedom fighter and the champion of downtrodden. For her, the local elections is an opportunity to touch the lives of more people. “All my life I have worked for the people of Birgunj, and I intend to do the same until my death,” she said.

Karki dreams of ending dowry system and educating Dalit women and children if she is elected the deputy mayor of Birgunj.

Manang braces for ski training starting this week

KATHMANDU: The high mountain passes of Manang, the prime tourist destination along the renowned Annapurna Circuit, would soon be open for the adventure sport of skiing.

The Ski & Snowboarding Foundation is set to run a training course with seven trainers from the US, Germany, Italy, Austria and Israel on a slope located 5,000 meters above the sea level.

Utsav Pathak, Chairman of the Foundation said, “The six day training course on rescue operations in the event of avalanches and skiing would start on September 14.”

The team of trainers left for the Manang on Saturday.

The training would be based on skiing skills and the methods of rescue operations. The skis used in the sport and other skiing gears would be provided for free.

A team of eight students including one from Malaysia would be participating in the training course.

According to Foundation’s Treasurer Suraj Kafle, the training is driven with multi-faceted aims to increase tourism activities in the trek route-which has made its name as the best among foreign tourists-during the winter season and to promote tourism by engaging the foreigners and domestic tourists in skiing.

The Foundation had earlier provided ski training to 35 individuals at Na area in Gaurishanker conservation area and to 5, 20 and 50 individuals at Mera Peak, Dolakha’s Kalinchowk and Mt Annapurna Base Camp respectively.

EC seeks applications for federal, provincial polls

Kathmandu: The Election Commission on Sunday issued a public notice urging the parties registered with it to submit their applications if they wished to contest parliamentary and provincial polls under the proportional representation electoral system.

The EC has asked the parties to clearly state in their applications whether they wanted to contest only the parliamentary elections or only the provincial elections or both parliamentary and provincial elections, only in some provinces or in all provinces.

The EC warned that if the parties failed to submit their applications by Tuesday, they will be prohibited from contesting election under the PR system.  Parliamentary and provincial polls are scheduled to be held together but on two dates — November 26 and December 7.