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Counselling Service and Pastoral Care

ECTC, started delivering Centre based Pastoral Care in 2009, with the aim to provide qualitative Pastoral Care to people with deeper emotional hurts. It still is…


ECTC is committed to high quality Trainings in order to develop and strengthen Human Resourse in the field of Psyco-social Counselling.  The Training Curriculums are…

Earthquake Aftercare

After a successful completion of 2 years Earthquake After Care project, ECTC extended it into Community-based psychological support project in Kavre and Sindhupalchowk District. The…

Children’s Program

A new program, which includes awareness and therapeutic activities specially designed for Children’s groups, from Schools and Shelter homes. The designed program is targeted for…

Equipping Churches in Pastoral Care and Counselling

ECTC is Equipping Churches in the provision of qualitative person centered Pastoral Care and Counselling since 2009, and became the first organization in Nepal to…

Diploma in Pastoral Healing Ministry

DPHM is 1 year diploma course run by ECTC, to add the provision of high quality client-centered counselling in Nepal's hospitals and Churches. It is…


Psychological Care and Counselling

Welcome to ECTC

Elijah Counselling and Training Centre is a nonprofit making NGO, which aims to build a community of psychologically and socially stable people in Nepal.

It is engaged in deliverance of Professional Counselling and in the development of such services by imparting trainings for strengthening human resource in Psychosocial Counselling. ECTC works in partnership with Hospitals, Social and Religious organisations, schools and local community to build a psychologically and socially healthy community. It is committed to high quality Training and Counselling.

Nepal is a country with increasing issues of Mental Health and need for Psychosocial Counselling services. Ten years of armed conflict between Nepal government and Maoist, widespread social problems and the devastation cause by Natural disasters like recent earthquake are few of the reasons associated it. However, the need are actually related with deeper pain that bring about by mentioned cause.

The issues of mental and psychological wellbeing in Nepal seem to be alarming, and the extent of inner hurts that people carry are too immense, that established programs or facilities are not enough to fulfill extended psychological and Counselling needs. ECTC aims to fill some gap by range of activities, such as Counselling, Referal assistance,  Trainings, Education, Awareness programs, and Advocacy …. 

Contact Details

Bandana Sharma (Program Director)


For Counselling

Bimala Shrestha (Senior Counsellor)


For Training

Sujendra Mali (Training Co-Ordinator)


For Administrative purpose

Barnabas Baraily (Administrative Officer)


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